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How to Install Synthetic Grass

Ever wonder how it’s done? We take you from the pre-installation and demolition phase to the turf’s final groom phase with our professional install video. Whether you are an installer or homeowner, every install step is broken down and explained in detail. Check out how to properly apply Durafill or when to cap you sprinklers along with plenty of other installer tips!

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Maintenance and Care

Only the most basic amount of TLC is needed to maintain that flawless evergreen on your synthetic grass!  Cleaning turf can be as simple as raking leaves on a fall day or utilizing that awesome leaf blower that’s collecting dust in the garage. To keep your synthetic turf looking plush, a stiff hard bristled brush can “fluff” the turf. A professional installer will have the right equipment to occasionally brush up your turf.

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SGW Product Spec Downloads

Our custom designed product spec sheets outline what comprises each turf line along with the individual features such as thickness, weight and color. Find out what turf is appropriate for your application and check out our spec sheets. Have a question about a turf’s denier? Or maybe you want to understand the exact height of the grass blade? Your answers are on the next page!

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SGW stands by our turf and ensure  that our turf will stay green and last you through numerous cocktail parties, barbeques, and outdoor events for years to come. There’s no need to fret the thrills and spills of life when your SGW synthetic turf is backed by our eight-year warranty. We want you to experience a worry-free environment. Check out the details of our eight-year warranty.

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Turf Terminology

Want to learn turf speak? Or at least understand what your installers may be talking about? Read up on our extensive collection of the industry’s key words and key phrases. After reading up on our turf terms, you will be able to define “tuft bind” and tell us how it relates to synthetic grass. These 40 plus terms will help you communicate with your installer or homeowner.

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Golf Courses

SGW Golf provides our customers with the most advanced  synthetic grass products that replicate real playing conditions found on the most popular golf courses. Our turf features organic characteristics that allow golfers to focus on every aspect of their game. Our team of experts are dedicated to your growth and success as a golfer. Our premier putting green fibers consistently produce a surface that exhibits unmatched  quality and superior durability.

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We supply advanced artificial grass products specifically engineered for competitive play. No matter the sport, we offer balanced and low maintenance solutions that can withstand the heaviest use. We thoroughly test each of our field turf products to ensure maximum energy output while remaining safe for extended play. Experience the Synthetic Grass Warehouse difference and enhance the way your game is played.

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